Hailing from the city once dubbed the “heavy metal capitol of the world,” San Antonio, TX-based, Memory of a Melody draws its power from the metal Gods to hammer out modern rock music with ferocity and allure.

MOAM has been described as “metal with mass appeal.” Their catalog of songs is diverse and unique and has obvious ties and influences from the metal world. Yet, as the name suggests, the power of melody is unforgettable.

The band’s energetic songs and live antics convey that their music is not only meant to be heard but also to be felt and experienced.

To help shape and steer their sound, the band enlisted one of San Antonio’s own biggest and brightest, Bryan Scott of the famed Union Underground to produce the collection of songs that is the band’s first album, “Things That Make You Scream.”

After a few years in hiatus, MOAM has returned like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with a new EP entitled “Burn Alive” and a new music video for a scorcher of a song, entitled “Mary Go Round.” While the first album made listeners Scream, the new three song EP will have them burning for more.