Attention Scream Fans

Attention Scream Fans

ATTENTION SCREAM FANS....We're only a week away from MELODYFEST 2011 AT BACKSTAGE LIVE SAN ANTONIO! The official ALBUM RELEASE PARTY OF MEMORY OF A MELODY! Including Nothing More, Our Waking Hour, and Dance Like Robots! This week and next will be very eventful leading up to the show! Tune into 99.5 KISS San Antonio to listen to commercials promoting MELODYFEST all week/all day long. Be on the lookout in San Antonio's Weekender, the Current, and Backbeat Magazing for reviews and advertisements for MELODYFEST! We are also pleased to announce the participation of 5 Hour Energy at MELODYFEST. The 5 Hour Energy team will be out handing out FREE 5 Hour Energy drinks all of you SCREAM fans. To add to the excitement of MELODYFEST 2011, Memory of a Melody is excited to announce the release of our upcoming video for THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SCREAM!!! The band would like to thank Miranda Studios and Stephen Castro for all his hard work and dedication to ensure the release of the video. Lastly, keep in mind that if you're a SCREAM fan that can't attend MELODYFEST 2011, we encourage you to tune into to catch a FREE LIVE STREAM of the show! Brought to you by We look forward to seeing you at the show on 11.ELEVEN.11!!!!

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As we continue to add more exciting things for you at MELODYFEST 2011, we are excited to announce that we've teamed up with RENEGADERADIO.NET to bring you MELODYFEST LIVE in it's entirety! The entire show will be streamed LIVE by simply tuning into We know that everyone (especially our fans over seas) won't be able to attend the show so we've done this for all of you! Stay tuned for more updates on the Stream by checking back here, or as always you can check the MELODYFEST facebook at:! Big thanks goes out to Miranda Studios for putting this video flyer together for all the bands. You can join Miranda Studios at the show along with Creeping Beauty Inc., Frank Sbuttons, Local 782, and more!

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